How to sell on eMaloy

How to sell on eMaloy

eMaloy is a marketplace where you can create a online shop & upload your all products for sell. There are some options to product listing. Those are 

1) Add a product for sell
   In this option customer will get buy option.

2) Add a product without buy option.
   In this option customer will have a contact option only. 

3) Add a product for price quotation.
   In this option customer can see product details and ask the seller for price & negotiate. When Price confirmed by both then customer will get the buy    option to checkout.

If you want to sell on eMaloy. You will have to do -
Step 1. Register/signup as a user.
Step 2. Click on 'SELL NOW'
Step 3. Select categories for listing type.
Step 4. Upload product image, Add product name & details, Then on the next page add the price, product veriation.
Step 5. after input in information, Click submit.  ( sometimes listing may review by eMaloy )

What you need to do before add a product for sell
1. Add your name, Mobile number from settings & if you think customer should see your cotact details then give it a permission by click on checkbox before save change.
2. From 'SHOP SETTINGS' add your business name, description and business address.
3. From 'SHIPPING SETTINGS' click on 'Add Shipping Zone' then add delivery area name & regions/country. After that  click on 'ADD SHIPPING METHOD' & select a delivery method. After delivery method added then click on edit option and add delivery charge & edit delivery method name. 

For any support to setup your shop, You can send a email from contact page. don't forget to mention your contact number.